Monday, October 31, 2005

What's Up With The Apostrophe?

I've seen a lot of people calling today Hallowe'en. I've been around the sun forty times now and this is the first year I have seen people use the apostrophe. What gives? Is this the new X-Mas?

From Self Promotion Department
I wish I was this clever

(snapped by my camera phone in the bathroom of East Side Lounge)

Holy fuck I need to get some photo editing skills. My pictures are all too damn dark (btw, when I used the cheesy flash on my camera phone it completely washed out the text)

Off The Grid Saturday
I stumbled upon FAB's sticker while participating in a pub crawl through East Atlanta Friday night. The crawl went down like this... home (1 beer) -> Flatiron (2 beers) -> EARL (1 beer) -> East Side Lounge (1 beer) -> Mary's (1 beer) -> Gravity Pub (3 beers -- I think).

As you can imagine I wasn't feeling very chipper when I woke up on Saturday, so I decided to spend the day on the couch. The other plan in place was to be 'off my grid.' I answered no phone calls, didn't watch the GA/FL game (although I did watch a lot of previously-recorded tv), napped, ate, and napped again. I finally got off my ass and showered at 5pm.

Jesus Fucking Christ! Who Are These Kids?
During the pub crawl my friend Bill gave me a ticket to Saturday night's Thrashers game.

My plan was to exercise my Marta Pass and take Marta to Philips Arena. However, with the weather being so beautiful on Saturday I decided to walk from the Inman Marta station to Philips Arena. I really needed the exercise; the 2.9 mile walk took me approximately fifty minutes. It made those jumbo beers go down so much easier.

When I made it into CNN Center I was overwhelmed with the number of kids dressed in brightly colored shirts (I saw these kids riding Marta on Friday as well). I found out that these kids were all a part of some huge convention called the National Catholic Youth Conference. Mmmmm Catholic school girls....

Oh, the game was a blast eventhough the Thrashers lost 3-2.

Sunday Is A Hashing Day
With no Falcons or Jets game on the tube I decided to get out for some more activity yesterday. My drug of choice was the Black Sheep Hash. While I thoroughly enjoyed the trail, I had a encounter with a briar (I think you can see who won)

Since that was the worst injury I suffered things weren't too bad.

Oh Yeah, How Could I Forget?
IT'S GREAT TO BE A FLORIDA GATOR! WooHoo!!! I know that Georgia was playing with a backup quaterback, but a win's a win! WooHoo!!!

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Exercise (b)Log - walking Saturday, hashing Sunday

Paulie [eatl/ga]

Friday, October 28, 2005

North On The South Rail

We were all treated to another wrong-way Marta ride today. My northbound train rode the southbound rail between Arts Center and Lindbergh. We were even given the extra bonus of travelling on the middle rail near Lindbergh while getting passed by another northbound train. How special.

Two Degrees Of Chillification
After a discussion at George's Wednesday night about the upcoming house heating season I decided to drop the (already confused) thermostat a few extra degrees. I don't mind putting on a sweater in order to save a couple of hundred dollars this winter. Also, this money can be put toward something more enjoyable such as my new iPod or PSP, or whatever...

Twas The Night Before The End Of Daylight Savings
Hey kids (except those in Arizona and the Eastern Time Zone portion of Indiana) don't forget to set your clocks back this weekend. And, as all the safety experts suggest, now is a good time to check/replace the batteries in you smoke detectors. You do have smoke detectors, don't you?

Tripped Up By A Travel Question
Me and the boys were kicking some ass at trivia last night. Had I been more forceful on my opinion that Andy Warhol designed the Rolling Stones tongue logo we would have been perfect going into Round 6. Then the wheels came off the cart. We missed a question about television (I didn't like the wording of the question -- "Which action drama requires the cast to have their hair trimmed every five days?") and a travel question -- "Which city is further from New York, Paris of Los Angeles?". Going into the final question we were in second place, behind the first place team by five points.

The final question had something to do with putting the movies "Traffic", "The Insider", "Gangs of New York", and "Moulin Rouge" in order of release. Since we argued about the release date for each movie, I strongly suggested that we be zero points. We did. Unfortunately some team got the answer right and leapfrogged us. As a result we finished in third.

Off to a meeting...

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Website Of The Day - The Triangle Poster and Printing Co. has a page with really cool posters they have created. Click on the thumbnails and have fun wasting time on the last Friday of October.

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Yesterday's Exercise (b)Log - none, day off

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

And People Wonder Why I Lack Confidence

Like I Need More People Telling Me I Am Worthless?
Here is the result when I asked how much my blog was worth...

Making Room For Turkey
Normally I sign up for the annual Atlanta Half Marathon some time in August, when the weather is nice and warm. When Thanksgiving rolls around I usually curse the colder weather and wonder what I was thinking a few months prior. This year I tried something new. I signed up for the half marathon yesterday, when the weather was a bit chillier than it was two months ago. I fully expect to damn the cold come Thanksgiving, but at least the temperature differential won't be as great.

I Still Have My Ikea Virginity
The other night I nearly ventured to the land of swedish meatballs and lingonberry desserts, aka Ikea. Unfortunately I decided that I will still not up to the task. And after finding out that they are having a furniture sale (15% off) this weekend, I am most definitely going to wait for a while.

This Is So Fantabulicious!!!
I read a hilarious article yesterday about how encyclopedias and dictionaries insert fake entries in their publications in an attempt to catch people copying their content. Brilliant! For all these years people have made fun of the word nerds and in return they have secretly been fighting back.

Just in case you didn't know, "esquivalience" is not a real word and I will be challenging you if you attempt to play it in a game of Scrabble.

Back On The Trivia Bandwagon
I'll be flaunting my massive noggin tonight at Smith's Olde Bar for trivia. This won't be with my usual cast of characters, Meet The Hashers. Instead I'll be playing with another group of hashers. The real downside for me is that the game starts at 9pm; looks like another late night...

Get Ready Cubs Fans, You're Up Next
Last year the Boston Red Sox. This year the Chicago White Sox. I think there is a definite pattern in place...

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Website Of The Day - I stumbled across this site yesterday. I especially love the collection of pictures from film found in old cameras.

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Yesterday's Exercise (b)Log - running, approximately 5 miles

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Not Intended For Residents Of Texas Or Massachusetts

Today's title is stolen from one of those cheesy commercials seen on G4. The commercial is for some college that will supposedly get me into to the gaming industry. "Can you believe we get paid to play video games?" states the ad. No, I really can't believe it...

Here is the final score from last night's Atlanta / New York hockey game

Atlanta Thrashers 3
New York Islanders 4

Okay, I actually like the Thrashers but for the same reasons that I continue my allegiance to the Mets and Jets, I am still an Islanders fan.

Up All Night, Sleep All Day
These colder mornings combined with my comfortable bed (yes, I slept in my bed last night; well, once I woke up on the couch at 2:30am) made it too easy to sleep in this morning.

Sleeping later meant that I had to drive in to work today. Timing will be everything for me tonight so that I can make it to George's in time to run with the group, therefore Marta was not a viable option. (note: I still want to ride Marta daily, but I just can't put my full trust in it yet) Of course driving meant traffic, traffic meant a bit of road rage. Maybe I will learn...

Got Reality?
One of my favorite tv shows on the satellite airwaves these days is Comedy Central's Drawn Together. If you've not heard of it before, it's an animated reality show starring cartoon characters from different genres. Much like South Park nothing is sacred so the easily offended should avoid it, but those of you who like no-holds-barred tv should check it out. Tonight's episode is the second episode of Season Two, and if you want to catch up, the dvd of Season One is readily available.

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Website Of The Day - Want to see if you can replicate a meal at one of your favorite restaurants? Try CopyKat to see if they have figured it out already.

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Yesterday's Exercise (b)Log - 45 minutes on my bike on the trainer

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

V Is For Vinny -- Who Led The Jets To Victory!!! Ugh!

With all of the recapping of the Rock And Reel Festival I forgot to mention my prediction for the Monday night Jets / Falcons game. Of course you knew I was rooting for the Jets, right?

Fuck That Was Ugly
Yeah, the Jets lost. Don't worry about me, I was born disappointed.

Much Like Its Owner, My Thermostat Is Retarded
Tis the time of year that my thermostat gets confused. It doesn't know when the heat should kick in or when the ac is more appropriate. Consequently, I am either hot or cold depending on the outside temperature. I'd read the manual, but by the time I finish reading it we'll be out of this season.

Driving Mr. Lazy
On a rare (and more frustrating than anticipated) drive into work this morning I passed Joe's Coffee. I miss my routine of stopping in, saying good morning to Ellen, and having some coffee on the drive in.

The reason that I drove in today was that I just couldn't get out of bed this morning. I think that getting home at 1am from the game, and it being so cold in the house might have something to do with that.

The reason that I couldn't stop in for a cup of coffee was because I was running so late.

From The C To The D
Only five releases show up on the list of new releases. Of those I really only recognize three, Fiery Furnaces, Tom Vek and Rogue Wave.

I'll immediately have to nix the Tom Vek since I can't stand the only song I hear on Sirius.

Of the other two I think that I like the Fiery Furnaces over Rogue Wave. Therefore, today's recommendation is "Rehearsing My Choir" by the Fiery Furnaces.

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Website Of The Day - I'm too tired to find the other link I had set up for today, so I'll give you the address of Another White Paul here in the ATL. His name is Paul Stamatiou and he is a nineteen-year-old punk1 attending the Ga Tech. I don't know this kid, but his blog seems pretty readworthy.

1: All people under the age of twenty are heretofore known as "punks."

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Yesterday's Exercise (b)Log - off day yesterday

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Monday, October 24, 2005

It's Long, And It Could Have Been A Lot Longer

As you can image I spent a good part of my weekend over at East Decatur Station for the Paste Rock And Reel festival that I've pimped for weeks.

I'll be honest, I hadn't heard of most of the bands on the schedule. For that reason I think I stuck with the known goods. It's not that I am not open to learning about unknown bands, but trying to juggle my weekend schedule with the festival's didn't allow me to do much blind listening.

On Saturday I saw Over The Rhine and Low on the Main Stage. Each show was enjoyable in its own right. However, if Atlanta concertgoers would SHUT THE FUCK UP WHILE THE BAND IS PLAYING, they would have been better. The biggest problem for me that night was that I seemed incapable of reading the schedule properly and missed some of the songs in each set.

On Sunday my appearance on Sunday night was to see A Fir-Ju Well (have I ever mentioned I don't care for their website?). If you've read this space before you probably know that I have seen these guys often in the last six months. On Sunday they put on a really good forty-minute set (their alotted time, so no complaints here), the band was charged up and loud.

The scheduling of the films never quite worked for me. I sat in on one two-hour short-film session that I enjoyed. Of the films I saw in that session, a movie called "I Killed Zoe Day" was the best (imho). The story line was based around two guys who try to piece together the accounts of the previous night when they awake in a strange apartment and find pop star Zoe Day dead on the floor.

On Sunday night I saw a really good, but heartwrenching, film called "Most" which apparently is Polish for "bridge". The story is about a man and his son. If I went into the plot I'd give away the entire film. I suggest you head to the website, I think that they have a trailer there. The oddity about this film is that it was written and created by American artists, but filmed in Prague. The actors are from the Czech Republic and all of the dialog is in Polish. The movie was shown with English subtitles.

And More!
I ran into an old friend of mine at the festival. She uttered the best line I have heard about myself in some time. She described me as "looking good on paper." Brilliant! Fucking brilliant! With that comment I also came to the realization that I have lost what little ability I had to meet women. Single ladies of Atlanta rejoice! I've got no game.

In a more uplifting meetup, I also ran into fellow blogger Andisheh (aka "Andy") Nouraee. Andy writes for the Creative Loafing, blogs/podcasts on My 'Lanta (psst we need a new podcast guys) and also contributes to my Moonlighting Blog. He was trying to pull an All-Marta Day on Saturday. I ran into him upon his exit of the festival as he was headed to Little Five to see the parade, and then returning for the Saturday night festivities. Being a Marta veteran of three months, I wished him luck. Since I never ran into him again all weekend, I am not sure he had success.

Apparently if you want to eat Famous Dave's bbq you'd better do so on Saturday. I was a bit disappointed when I arrived at the festival on Sunday and one of the two food options had abandoned. Seeing how I had eaten a gyro and some fries the night before, I really didn't want a repeat dinner on Sunday. Don't worry, I did manage to find food, it just happened post-festival. My Sunday night dinner wound up being salad and a slice at Grant Central East. Yum!

What Am I Missing Here?
There's a commercial on tv that I just don't get. It's a commercial for State Farm insurance, which probably explains it, but let me know if I am off kilter on this.

In the commercial a woman drives over her husband's foot while backing out of their driveway. The couple has some witty banter, and in the end cannot decide whether they should file a claim against their homeowner policy or their auto coverage policy.

File a claim? Huh? What the fuck ever happened to going to the hospital and using your medical coverage. Maybe I shouldn't make the assumption that they have medical coverage, but it's not like this Lovely American Couple appears out of work and destitute.

Seriously, am I off the mark on this?

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Website Of The Day - As I hurtle toward my second anniversary of being alone I take an unusual pleasure of reading other couples breakup letters at e-closure.

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Yesterday's Exercise (b)Log - approximately nine miles of running

Paulie [eatl/ga]

Friday, October 21, 2005

Running On Empty

Target Thinks Milk Is Gas
The other day I went into the new Supa Dupa Target near the office to get some groceries for my office. One of the things I went to pick up was milk. As far as I remember milk has always been one price whether you were buying skim, 2%, or whole. This time when I went to get my whole milk (I gave up buying lesser milk years ago) it cost twenty cents more than skim, and ten cents more than 2%. What gives? Why this gasoline pricing structure for milk? If anything shouldn't it go the other way since it requires more work to remove the milk fat?

Some Countries Understand Their Politicians Better Than We Do
This picture is from a map of India hanging in a co-workers office. Yes, it's a juvenille joke. I thought that we agreed yesterday that I was still a child. (btw- the picture looked a lot better before squeezing it down to fit in this Blogger template)

Who says that I use my technology for evil instead of good?

Publix, Where Shopping Was A Pleasure
Huh? When did that happen? My company moves away from Buford Highway and the Publix on Buford Highway closes. Wow, now that's some economic impact!

Seriously, the closing of the Publix on Buford Highway (a couple miles north of North Druid Hills) confuses me. Many of the residents in the surrounding apartment complexes must have shopped there. There were always people crossing Buford Highway going to that shopping center.

If for some reason you find yourself in that neighborhood with a hankering for food, may I suggest eating at Abbay (Ethiopian), Panahar (Bangladishi), or Machu Picchu (Peruvian)? I have rarely been disappointed by these restaurants. I would have eaten at one of them last night, but I had to save my appetite because last night was the monthly hashers wine-drinking dinner party, Last night's addition was brilliantly hosted by my friend Karyn.

If You Don't Know What I Am Doing This Weekend, You Haven't Been Reading
Paste Rock And Reel Festival. However, my dance card for tonight still remains empty.

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Website Of The Day - I love reading how people hack their toys. One of my favorite sites for hacking is aptly named Hack A Day.

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Yesterday's Exercise (b)Log - nothing

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Clothes, Cars, And Casual Sex

Two out of those three are referenced in today's blog entry. You can stop reading now if you only want to read about casual sex.

Dressing By The Numbers
I am a bad dresser. It's not that my fashion sense is skewed (although that could be another reason for my inability to attract women), but rather this is the time of year that I don't know how to dress.

Will it be cold? Do I need a jacket? What about tonight? Are shorts going to be alright, or should I wear jeans? What about sleeves? Short or long? Who. The. Fuck. Knows?

I need Garanimals for weather, Weathanimals?

You know how you buy a sleeping bag, three-season or four? That's how I want my clothing to be labelled.
"This shirt will keep Paulie comfortable in temperatures between 60 and 75 inclusive. Any temperature below 60, it should be paired with this jacket (which looks smashing with any shirt in Color Categories 4, 5, and 6) which is good down to 40 degrees."
This weekend the weatherman is predicting that a cold front will pass through Atlanta. I will be attending the Paste Rock And Reel Festival. I guess I'll be easily identified a they guy shivering from being underdressed, sweating from being overdressed, or both.

The Robinsons
I am telling you that I love the BBC's show The Robinsons. In last week's episode Ed (Martin Freeman) attempts to get back into the dating scene. He tries everything, single's bars, online dating, consulting a womanizing cousin, and going out with someone he knew from childhood. Hmmm, why does this plot sound sooo familiar? I wonder...

Run Like I've Never Run Before
That would be the description of my running last night, like I've never run before. I would have beaten that old woman with the walker back into George's, but I am too polite a gentleman and believe that woman should always enter first.

While You're Down There, Check The Oil Too
The Jackmobile is at the auto-vet today. It's time for his 45,000 mile checkup. Eventhough I am still trying to be a loyal Marta commuter I have to keep the old auto in tip-top shape for those days when Marta stumbles (see also yesterday's blog entry).

With two exceptions I really like my car. First, could someone tell me why everything on the dashboard illuminates at night, except for the clock? When I drive at night I have no idea what time it is until I drive under a street lamp and can get a quick glimpse at the time. This is frustrating! The second annoyance is my trunk. Which rocket scientist at Honda thought that it was ok to allow the trunk lid to drip into the trunk cavity when you open it in the rain? Seriously, this is how the trunk is designed! The two bottom corners of the trunk drip straight into the trunk cavity when it is opened. Me, the owner, must take special care not to put anything of value in those two spots when it rains, else whatever is there will be ruined. Umm, this is what the kids call "effen stupid."

Sadly today's visit is going to cost me about $200. I know, that's a lot cheaper than buying a new car, but that's $50 less than one of these...

or half the price of one of these...

Yes, I am still a child. That's what being forty, never married, and no children begets.

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Website Of The Day - Here's an article that I will read once this entry is posted, 16 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog. Btw- How did you get here?

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Yesterday's Exercise (b)Log - "running" approximately for 50 minutes

Paulie [eatl/ga]

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wasted Day And Wasted Night

The puffy eyelid remains today. It's not very noticable, but is evident when I close my eyes. I wish I could go for a while without having 'something else' to deal with. I slept the majority of the day. Consequently, yesterday's day off from work was fairly useless.

Marta, Sometimes You Frustrata Me
I drove into work today. Oh, I tried to ride Marta. I can easily forgive Marta for their temporary stoppage because of the ass munch who jumped the tracks Monday.

Today it's all on Marta's shoulders. I was able to wedge myself onto a westbound train, only to be informed that the train was broken down. The next train to come down the line (the eastbound line because of the breakdown) was half as long as the one that we just abandoned. After failing board that train I walked back to my car and drove in to work.

I've got nothing else today, and I am really sleepy so I think that I'll be shuffling off to the coffee machine.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal...
Current Mood - sleepy from the Benadryl
Current Music - Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Superchunk -- "Cool"
Website Of The Day - Learn more about buying organic at the Organic Consumers Association

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Weekends's Exercise (b)Log - none

Paulie [eatl/ga]

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

And I Was Worried About Getting Exercise

Look Motherfucker, If You Want To Die, Do It Alone!
Okay, it turned out to be a mixed blessing for me. I needed exercise, and this asshole needed to try and kill himself. When my train made it into the Five Points station we were informed that there would be no eastbound train service and that we would get on a shuttle bus instead. When I saw the clusterfuck that was the wait to get on the bus, I decided to walk. My walk took me approximately one hour (Five Points to Candler Park). The irony in the whole situation was that I thought about parking at Inman Park yesterday because of the New Pornographers' concert, but decided not to do so.

Look (Literal) Motherfucker, Time To Keep That In Your Pants!
Some of my friends are pregnant this year, all for the first time. For them I am very happy.

This article talks about an Arkansas woman, Micehelle Duggar, who has just delivered her sixtienth child. And, her and her husband Jim Bob (I did mention they were from Arkansas) plan to have more! Come on people, this planet is sufficiently populated, let's be serious here! As if this blatant abuse of "free love" wasn't enough, the parents have annoyingly named each child with a name starting with the letter "J". What's the next name on the list, Jesus Fucking Christ?

The Eye's Got It
And I'm not sure what it is. I find that as I grow older I encounter new and strange things happening to me almost daily. Today's ailment is a puffy and irritated left eyelid. I can open my eye, but it's clearly obvious that it doesn't open to the same degree as my right eye. Great, just what I need, to look even more hideous. This has never happened to me before, so I don't know what the fuck to do. Go see a doctor? Sure that sounds like the right thing, but when was the last time you were able to see your doctor without an appointment?

I wonder what time that Marta train will be headed down the tracks today?

I've Looked Over CD Releases And What Did I See?
Not a whole hell of a lot. Depeche Mode has a new one out. Huh, did I just really type that Depeche Mode has a new CD release? Has Dave Gahan finally kicked the junk?

Hmmm, had I done a little advance research I could have found out more about this. According to the DM website Dave was doing radio spots, lookie here

Tomorrow, October 5th, Dave will be phoning into the following stations:
2:45pm - 2:55pm WNNX - Atlanta

Yep, our own New Rock Monster 99x (tongue was planted firmly in cheek) was one of the lucky stations to receive a call from Dave.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal...
Current Mood - left eyelid puffy, I am bothered by this so I am staying home
Current Music - Whatever is playing on the only Atlanta FM station to which I will listen, Album 88. (btw- more on them tomorrow)
Website Of The Day - I don't really understand the Beer Church yet, but if there is anything that can get be to Believe (other than a sexy woman that is) it's beer.

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Yesterday's Exercise (b)Log - walk from Five Points to Candler Park

Paulie [eatl/ga]

Monday, October 17, 2005

Brrr! I Guess I Should Have Worn A Jacket!

It Seemed Like A Good Idea On Paper
Saturday morning I woke early with the idea that I was going to exercise my Marta card. I packed my camera and iPod and hit the Westline headed toward the Hamilton E. Homes station. The concept was simple, ride the train to the end of the line looking for interesting things to photograph, and on the return trip hop off at the stations which looked promising. Maybe it was my mood, but nothing looked promising so I wound up riding the train all the way out and back.

On the return trip I decided to head up to Lenox Mall to drop by my bad habit stores (that would be Game Stop and the Apple store). How convenient that my destination is on a Marta line, right? Well, perhaps my daily train commute has tainted me, or perhaps I knew that traffic would be passable, so I wound up driving to the mall. Shame on me...

Clap Your Hands!
Saturday night's entertainment was an EARL double-bill featuring Ambulance Ltd. and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! Interestingly enough, I heard from multiple people that when this tour started CYHSY opened for Ambulance Ltd. but after a few shows where the venue emptied (I assume partially emptied) when CYHSY was done, the order was switched.

The show was fucking awesome! I can't tell you how much fun it was to be up close amongst a crowd who were really into the music watching a band who looked like they were having fun performing. Had I known that the show was going to be that great, I would have tried to drive up to Nashville to see them perform on Friday night.

As we near the end of the year I start thinking of my Best Of lists. The CYHSY show ranks second so far, being outdone by Bob Mould (remember, this is my list, so my history with Mould's music factors greatly). As for Best Album there is a too-close-to-call battle for me between CYHSY's Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and The Faint's Wet from Birth. Both move me, they just happen to move me in different ways.

Actually, to date here is how things stack up.

Top 3 CDs Purchased In 2005
  1. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - "CYHSY"
  2. The Faint - "Wet From Birth"
  3. Stephen Malkmus - "Face The Truth"
Top 3 Shows I've Seen In 2005
  1. Bob Mould
  2. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
  3. Weezer (Tabernacle show)

It's Official, My Gators Stink
Sure, the Gators have lost to two quality opponents, but we were spoiled in the nineties, and we want that winning tradition back. Saturday's loss to LSU was a tough pill to swallow, leaving only the opportunity to spoil Georgia's season in two weeks as the only thing to look forward to.

Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Sundays are odd days for me. Why yesterday should have been any different, I don't know. Because the Falcons had an away game I was excited at the thought of having nothing to do other than run the Black Sheep hash, eventhough I knew that I'd be giving up a day of football watching. And that's what I did, I sat around the house and then went to the hash, and came home.

Last night was one of those Sunday nights where the weekend catches up with me. I couldn't, seriously couldn't keep my eyes open after eating dinner. Out like a light at around 7pm, waking momentarily a few times only to return to sleep immediately. This happened until 12am when I was wide awake. A check of email and blogs reminded me that I did have something to do yesterday morning -- attend my investment club meeting. Dammit! How could I forget this? With all of this technology at my disposal, how in the world could I miss this? (note to self: hire assistant. Oh wait, can't afford assistant. new note to self: use calendar better).

Music News You Can Use
I'll be at Variety Playhouse checking out the New Pornographers. I doubt seriously that I will have as much fun as I did Saturday night, but I am certain that I will enjoy the show. Maybe you should check your schedule and do the same. I'm just sayin'.

Who Wants A 60GB iPod Video?
I DO!!!!!! It's a sweet toy, and it's big enough to hold my entire music collection (and then some). I'll even take one in white if I have to.

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Website Of The Day - I am constantly trying to pick up hints for using Mac OS X. What better place than a website called Max OS X Hints?

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Weekends's Exercise (b)Log - 55 minutes running (Sat), hashing (Sun)

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Away From Keyboard

Today wraps up my college recruiting efforts, so I will be away from the keyboard today.

I Am, I Am Superman
For the first time in a long time somebody stopped me on the street and ask me if anyone had told me that I looked like Christopher Reeve. This always makes me crack up. One thing though, why is it always men who tell me this?

East Atlanta Village To Be Deflowered
In disappointing news, I found out yesterday that Iris will be closing its doors for good this Sunday.

This disturbs me on two levels. First, the village has lost many establishments over the last year. Some people have said 'Good Riddance", I say that the village is starting to look like a ghost town. (we have had additions and a new place is set to open shortly, but all in all it has been a net loss). Second, Iris was 'different'; it was a higher-scale restaurant than any other in the area.

They managed to overcome a fairly high-proile murder / shooting a couple of years ago and have been named one of Atlanta's best restaurants, I wonder what gives?

Man, The Apprentice Is Like Paulie Fantasy Camp
Just without scantily-clad women.

While I will readily admit that two of the "rewards" on this season's The Apprentice, playing hockey with the New York Islanders and baseball with the New York Mets would suck for most people, they would be on my adult Make A Wish Foundation list. For me to play on Shea stadium's turf would be like owning an iPod Nano and an iPod Video!

Just As I Praise Marta...
For the last two days my spiffy fourteen-day-old monthy Marta card has been 'unreadable' by the turnstiles. Today I have to go to one of Marta's Ride Stores and talk to them about trading my 'old' card for a new one. Frustrating! I've still got big plans for riding Marta this month, I need that damn card to work!

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Website Of The Day - BoingBoing is one of the whackiest story aggregators on the net. Nary a day goes by when I don't get a chuckle or a confused look from one of their stories.

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Yesterday's Exercise (b)Log - 55 minutes running

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Of Mice And Marta

Of Mice
I just love the little mice that run around tracks of the Five Points Marta station. I am constantly amazed that they seemed to be hardly phased by the trains. The other morning there were two eating away at a piece of paper when the train pulled up no more that three feet from them. Did they run away? Nope. Then, the train passed over them and when it was completely gone from the station the two little mice were still there eating away at the paper.

Of Marta
My Marta commute has be rather agreeable of late. The trains have been crowded, but that's probably a good thing.

One thing that I have noticed recently is that Marta has been slow to update some of their signs and announcements. In the Peachtree Center station the signs still have references to Macy's. Macy's hasn't been in downtown for years. Also, when approaching the Lindbergh station the other day, the driver references the Lindbergh shopping center. Is the one that was demolished some months ago?

Sights For Sore Eyes
Remember how much I hated the Edgewood Retail District? Well, yesterday I fell in love with it. On my train ride into work I noticed that it now contains a Wachovia. Yes, I will finally be able to get money without paying fees when I am going out to Little 5! I could have used this knowledge Monday when I went to trivia at Johnny's with a measly $6 in my pocket.

On the work side of my life the long wait for the new Super Target to open has ended. Normally I wouldn't get too excited about this, but it now represents a grocery store within walking distance from the office. This for me is a good thing since I have taken to eating lunch at my desk in order to save money.

New iTunes Replacement For Podcast Downloader Is... iTunes
Crazy! I planned to write about this on Tuesday and the Apple blows up and announces all sorts of cool shit, one of which is iTunes 6.0.

After spending last weekend trying iTunes alternatives for podcast collecting I came to the conclusion that none of them were good enough to replace iTunes. Go figure.

I've also had mixed success using my iPAQ as my podcast player. The free player loves to lock up the device forcing me to reboot. I chose the player because it allows you to turn off the screen when listening to music, thus extending the battery charge significantly.

What Flowers Do You Send When You Forget Your Own Birthday?
InsideThePerimeter turned one last Saturday, and I forgot. Yesterday I started thinking about Halloween and remembered blogging about Halloween last year. A trip to the archives resulted in finding out that I launched this blog on October 8, 2004. If you want to see how something can evolve in its first year, check out my first entry, or my second entry.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Did You Miss Me?

Yeah, I had no internet yesterday. It felt weird to be cut off from the world. Here are some of the gems you were supposed to get yesterday, along with some 'All New' material (as the TV stations like to market it).

$30 Parking At The Falcons Game?
It's one thing to pay $3 for a gallon of gas, but on Sunday we paid $30 to park for the Falcons' game... in an elementary school! What part of "Aren't my tax dollars already paying for this school?" don't I understand? Closer to the dome the lots were charging $40, and if you can believe this, one lot was asking $100. Yeah, go fuck yourselves.

Dressy Bessy Show Is Cancelled
God dammit! If you remember some months ago I tried to pull a Les Claypool (at Variety) / Dressy Bessy (at the Earl) double header but failed because for the first time in the Earl's history a headlining band went on stage before 11:30pm.

I was relieved to later find out that Dress Bessy would be playing a second show on October 24th, and jump on the opportunity to buy a ticket. Well now I've found out the show has been cancelled. No one seems to explain why, and to make matters worse, I've emailed the ticketing agency about a refund (I buy tickets online and get put on "the list") and have gotten no response.

When It's Hog Calling Time In Nebraska
I barely recognize Gerald Ford as one of our presidents, how am I supposed to know that he was born in Nebraska? That information breakdown cost Meet The Hashers victory on Monday night's trivia at Johnny's Pizza. Rats!

While we are on the subject, I learned that Abe Lincoln was born in Kentucky. What The Fuck? How does Illinois get off calling itself "The Land of Lincoln" then? And what the hell was their slogan before Lincoln was around? Was it "Make Some Noise Illinois?"

What Could Brown Do For Me?
What about stealing my packages from FedEx. Check this stupidity out. Here is a section of the tracking log for my latest delivery

Oct 7, 20059:32 PMDelivery exceptionCustomer not available or business closed
Oct 7, 20059:32 PMDelivery exceptionLocal weather delay, delivery attempted
Oct 7, 20057:15 AMOn FedEx vehicle for delivery
Oct 6, 20058:00 PMOn FedEx vehicle for deliveryCustomer not available or business closed
Oct 6, 20058:00 PMOn FedEx vehicle for deliveryCustomer not available or business closed
Oct 6, 20057:26 AMOn FedEx vehicle for delivery

So this tells me that on two consecutive days FedEx place a box on a truck and drove it around for over twelve hours. On both days they attempted a business delivery on or after 8pm. Wouldn't you think that on the second day they would attempt an earlier delivery based on the failure the day before? If we were closed at 8pm, wouldn't logic also tell you that we would be closed at 9:32pm? This is not rocket science!

Out And About
Tonight is another Blogger meetup, this time at Park Tavern. I will be in attendance, however I cannot determine whether or not I want it to rain tonight. I'd like nice dry weather so that I can Marta around and pretend to live in a real metropolitan city. But, if it rains then Park Tavern pours beers for $1 a drink! Oh such a conflict of interests...

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Website Of The Day - Go get yourself some free music via the Podsafe Music Network.

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Yesterday's Exercise (b)Log - 50 minutes running and some walking (yeah, you read that right)

Paulie [eatl/ga]

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

All My Internets Were Down

I had no internet connection from work today. It felt so 1992. My desk is now very clean.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

Monday, October 10, 2005

Monday Morning Quarterback

Why So Short, Yo?
Friday night's A Fir-Ju Well at The EARL had the potential to be the best I've seen yet. The problem I had was A Fir-Ju Well's set length; it was too short. Just as I was starting to get into their set the singer said "This is our last song." Huh? WTF? I glanced over at the clock to see that it was 1:03am, ok, but I don't think that the band started playing before 12:15am. Forty-five minutes seems like a short show for the headliner. I was left wanting more.

The rest of my EARL experience was quite enjoyable. Tiger! Tiger!, apparently a local product, put on a good show. The only drawback for them is that the vocals for the incredibly stage-sexy lead singer was waaaaay down in the mix (at least where I was standing) so I never really heard her lyrics the entire show.

Between sets I spoke with a lovely young lady from Austin, TX was in town because her friends had something to do with the record label that has signed Tiger! Tiger! The conversation started when she had a bit of difficulty getting onto a swivelling chair (I'm sure that alcohol had nothing to do with that) next to me so I gave her the non-swivelling one on which I was seated. All was going great until one of her friends interrupted (probably to 'save her' assuming that I was hitting on her) and then A Fir-Ju Well came onto stage and a frustrated me left them to go see the band.

I was too late to see Sugar In The Raw, so I have no idea how good/bad they are.

Trees R Us
The Trees Atlanta tree sale was a success. Thankfully last week's rain passed prior to the (outdoor) sale. Volunteering for the 7am shift seemed like a really bad idea given the fact that I had gotten home from The EARL at 1am. Have I mentioned how much I love coffee? Have I ever mentioned how much I love going home and napping? All was better by 1pm, the time I left the house to walk to Saturday's hash.

Damn Those Patsies!
Okay, I know that the Falcons played without Michael Vick. Okay, I know that the Patriots are defending Super Bowl Champs. But dammit did it not feel like the Falcons could somehow pull that game out yesterday.

Even with the loss I had a great time. At halftime I was able to see some friends who I haven't seen in a long time.

Hey I've Got An Awesome Seat For Game 5
Wait a minute, there is no Game 5 at Turner Field.

Oh relax, you know that I am a Braves hater. You know that being a Mets fan I'm only jealous because the Braves win so fucking much. Wait till next year Braves fans; Spring training is a mere five months away.

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Website Of The Day - Tell Stewie what to do, or at least try to at Stewie Live.

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Friday, October 07, 2005

Oh The Places I Will Go

If Only I Was To Get Paid For Being At All These
Wow, do I have a weekend of festivites planned.

Tonight's double-bill features an early-evening birthday party for two of my friends. After the party I'll be headed to The EARL for yet another A Fir-Ju Well show. What can I say, I like these guys and as long as I can see them on the cheap, I will. [btw- they will be one of the bands playing the Paste Rock 'n Reel, so perhaps you should consider going that as well].

Saturday morning I'll be volunteering for one of my favorite organizations, Trees Atlanta. Trees Atlanta will be holding their sixth annual Tree Sale in Piedmont Park from 8am-2pm. If you are looking for nice, quality trees to plant, this is the place to go -- get there early.

Saturday will be a hashing day. Two of my hoodlum friends will be laying trail near East Atlanta. I've deemed this to be the "Two Wrongs Make It Right" hash (btw- I know you both read this, it's a joke) as they each experienced a bit of a mishap the last time they each laid trail.

Sunday, SUNday, SUNDAY!!! Falcons football versus the World Champion New England Patriots. Sadly, the only thing that could ruin this game is the news that Michael Vick may not be able to play.

I should be sufficiently tired by Monday.

Local, Lo Lo Lo Lo Local
I had a great dinner last night at The Local with my friend Kat. It has been years since I've been to The Local. The food (a plate of bbq pork) was fantastic, however the smoke and loud noise dampen my desire to go back any time soon.

I've Lost That iTunes Feeling
I am more than a bit frustrated with iTunes podcast features. Besides, I am looking to move my podcasts to my pda instead of my iPod (don't ask, there is scant logic behind this decision).

I know that there are two other popular RSS aggregators for podcast downloading, iPodder Lemon and iPodderX. Does anyone have compelling reasons why I should choose one of these over iTunes?

My Onion Envy
I've always wanted to be funny. Chicks dig guys that can make them laugh, right? Shit, even Patton Oswalt found a woman to marry him. Here is my Friday attempt at funny... (btw- as far as I know this is an orignal, if not let me know and I will out myself as a hack)

Area Man Sued By RIAA

ATLANTA, GA - Area man, Peter Sclofitz, has been sued by the Recording Industry Association of America for downloading songs to his head. Using a technique once known as "memorizing", Sclofitz has been repeatedly listening to the songs featured on the weekly "Billboard's Top 100 Airplay" chart in hopes of being able to sing them any time they are played on the radio. RIAA representive Seth Caughman said that this practice of "memorization" has been stealing the food from artists' plates for years and must be stopped. Quoting Caughman
"We can't have people think that they can freely memorize songs they've heard on the radio. If they can memorize them, they will never buy them! Besides, what if this Sclofitz wacko was to go at teach these memorized songs to his friends? They would never purchase the music either! My sales would be so low that I'd have to sell my silver Mercedes! How I am supposed to live with just the black one? Answer me THAT!"
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Website Of The Day - Remember how I thought about getting Netflix again? Here's a blog that puts some numbers behind whether or not you should subscribe to Netflix.

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Yours Is Not A Cruel Government

How can it be? On the jury summons I received yesterday it said "Greetings! This is your summons for jury duty." How pleasant. Now if they would only send me something that said "Salutations! This is your property tax refund."

So Lazy
There were two conditions which needed to hold yesterday so that I could make it to George's by 6pm with the attitude to run.
1) get out of work early enough to ride Marta back to the Highlands -- PASS!
2) Marta could experience little-to-no delays -- FAIL!

There was a train broken down at the Lindbergh station yesterday afternoon which caused my train to have to wait so that we could do the "go South on the Northbound rail" manuever. I pulled up to George's just in time to see my friends depart for their run. Eventhough I was highly encouraged by my friend Sarah to hurry up and change, Crotchety Old Man(tm) reared his ugly head and I decided to go into the bar for a meal instead.

But I Am So Wired
No, not because I've had too much coffee (yet), because I am a sucker and just fell victim to Wired Magazines $10 per year subscription offer sent to me in the mail. Sadly I'll probably only read half of the issues delivered (you do remember who this is typing, no?) but I really like Wired so I had to succomb.

Atlanta: A City Too Gridlocked To Move
That's what our next slogan should be. Developers are building hi-rise condos, excuse me mixed-use developments, at an alarming rate in Midtown and Buckhead. With America's push to Corporate Shopping (malls, centers, internet, etc) what is going to fill the retail segment? We are not Manhattan, Starbucks will not be putting in a store on every corner (umm, thankfully).

How are the people who move into Midtown going to get around? The streets are already saturated with cars, and I don't think that Marta has the ability to handle an increased population (besides, only a minor segment of the city finds Marta useful even with elevated gas costs).

I am no civic leader, just someone who believes he sees a problem.

[update @ 9:30am] apparently I am not the only one noticing a problem, see also Dying Peach.

Looking For Business Cards In All The Wrong Places
Fuck looking for love, I want business cards for Inside The Perimeter. Anyone know of a good source? If the company also does design consulation that would also be a benefit to me. Thanks!

Is That 'Happy Birthday' I Hear Playing?
The aforementioned Sarah is celebrating a birthday today! I know which one she is celebrating, but I am far too polite to give it away. Suffice to say, she is younger than me (who isn't?). Sarah is a hasher, Georgia Ultrarunning & Trailrunning Society (GUTS) member [psst, Sarah, I can't find the website], and really great friend. Happy Birthday Yo!

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal...
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Website Of The Day - Local props to Big Peach Running Co. the fantastic running store located near the Brookhaven Marta station in the same shopping center as Starbucks (arrgh). Birthday Girl Sarah turned me onto Big Peach and on the rare ocassion that I run my feet are so happy that she did.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

East Atlanta: Land Of The Inked

A Funny Thing Happened On My Way Home
Driving home the other day I noticed that East Atlanta has gotten its third tattoo parlor. They sit at the triangular pivots of the village, so hopefully there will be little tattoo gang wars occurring.

I mistakingly thought that the idea of tattooing oneself was a fad which was passing.

I've never understood the desire to tattoo one's body. I think that the human form when properly shaped is most beautiful in its natural form. Eh, just call me a crotchity old man.

Crazy Training (Almost)
I almost became Mr. Commuter yesterday. Afterwork I was planning on heading toward Decatur so the thought of taking the train to Decatur, running errands on foot, and then taking the train to my car popped into my head. For no better reason than laziness I bailed on that idea at the last moment and hopped out of the train at my originally scheduled stop so that I could drive over to Decatur. A bad citizen am I.

Another Weekend Booked
Yesterday I found out two interesting factsThe Rock 'n Reel Festival is going to be held on October 22nd and 23rd. As the name suggests there will be bands playing and movies shown all weekend long. Check out the website for more details.

I bought the weekend pass for $25 at Decatur CD last night (it was new music Tuesday, I had to go there).

While at Decatur CD I also bought the Rilo Kiley cd "More Adventurous." I had previously heard two or three songs from the disc but had no idea the entire thing was so fucking good. Yeah I know, I've already missed their two Atlanta performances this year-- shame on me.

I'm (No Longer) An Angel (Customer)
After perusing Decatur CD I decided I was in the mood to drink a beer and eat some fish 'n chips. Luckily, or so I thought at the time, The Angel is just a block away from Decatur CD, and it offered free WiFi. I walked down to satisy my craving.

I ordered a Fuller's ESB and the fish 'n chips and pulled out my iBook. The first problem arose when I wasn't able to connect to the internet. How do I contact IT at a bar? I leaned over to the guy next to me who was on his computer and asked for his help. He told me that when I connected I'd be taken to a website and could create a free account. Unfortunately, that never happened for me. Unable to figure out how to get to this mysterious site I gave up.

Even more to my dismay was my food order. It arrived as a mound of fries (chips) and two planks of fish topping them. The fish was not low quality Mrs. Paul's fishsticks, but it was certainly not worth the $11.00(!) I was charged. I could not cry foul because the menu said I was to get fish 'n chips, and I got fish 'n chips. They were just not the fish 'n chips of my dreams.

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Website Of The Day - Some people say this site defines me, I say "Fuck Off!" -- SlackerManager.

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Was It Something I Said?

Comments have been sparse, even before I adopted the word confirmation to reduce spam. Is everyhting OK out in the "real world?" Was it something I said?

Heaping Bowl & Brew -- RIP
One the earliest Urban Pioneers of my neighborhood (at least concerning our latest incarnation) was Heaping Bowl & Brew. At one point life was so grand for HB&B that it spawned a second (and quickly ill-fated) location in Oakhurst. I ate at HB&B every once in a while when I first moved to East Atlanta in 1999, but all but stopped going in recent years when the service and quality wained. It was little surprise, but sad nonetheless, when I found out that HB&B closed its doors forever. Many things have come and gone in East Atlanta since my arrival, but somehow I expected HB&B to be there forever.

More TV! More TV! More TV!
Last night proved to be impossible to rally the Meet The Hashers team to play trivia. Apparently my teammates have other things going on in their lives and couldn't make it out. This cancellation freed my evening to do anything I desired. Sadly, I watched tv and surfed the internet. Hey, TV pays my mortgage, help a brother out!

You the reader benefit, however. I have "discovered" yet another programme (keep reading) that you should be watching, provided you have HBO or Bittorrent skills. It's called "Extras" and stars the brilliant Ricky Gervais (of the real, BBC version of "The Office" fame).

The show, which orginally aired on the BBC and for some strange reason is being showed in a different order than it aired on the Beeb, is a comedy about movie extras and the strange predicaments in which they dig themselves. I highly recommend giving "Extras" a viewing.

Nipsey Russell -- RIP
I've mentioned in the past that I used to be a game show junkie. When I first got Game Show Network (now named something else) on Dish Network I watched it for hours. Match Game was always a favorite show for me to watch again and again.

One of the occasional celebrity guests on Match Game was Nipsey Russell (why no picture imdb?). Nipsey alway had a clever poem ready for each time he was on. For some strange reason I really enjoyed Nispeys poem's (recipients of my Wednesday night running group emails now understand my poetic emails of the past).

An Atlanta native who was ten days away from his eighty-first birthday, Nipsey Russell passed away yesterday. I guess it was his time to Ease On Down, Ease On Down The Road.

CD Release Day. W00t!
There are some interesting cds which are being born today. That Franz Ferdinand band has put out another record, You Could Have It So Much Better. I liked their last album, the self-titled Franz Ferdinand, but it grew old on me with constant airplay.

The freakishly lovely Fiona Apple releases her third cd today entitled Extraordinary Machine. I'm not too sure of the music's quality, but as the kids say these days I'd smack that ass. And for that reason alone Ms. Apple's cd is my pick of the day. Hey, it's not rocket science you know...

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Website Of The Day - Go read what others are saying about recent media releases at MetaCritic.

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Monday, October 03, 2005


I received much comment spam this weekend so I have temporarily turned on the word verification for comments. I know it's a pain in the ass, but please humor me for a little while.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

Not My Fault! Blogger Was Down This Morning.

Heywood Jablome
I am here to tell you that the leafblower (and vaccuum) I bought from Lowes on my day off Friday is the best tool ever! I never knew cleaning my carport, driveway and deck could be fun. Combined with the new Gator spool I bought for my weedwhacker there may be hope for my pathetic yard afterall.

Magnolia = No; Tenement = No
At this time Friday I had intended to see two shows at The EARL over the weekend. However, I had the desire to stay in on Friday so I skipped both the Hash Happy Hour at Flatiron and the Magnolia Electric Co. show.

Saturday night was a different story. I looked up on The EARL's website to find out that the doors for the show were to open at 9:30pm. Fair enough, it was Saturday night. However, when I walked up there at 9:30pm the girl at the table told me that the activities had not started and would not be starting until 10:30pm. Call me an old man if you will, but spending an hour alone in a bar and staying out until 2:00-2:30am (there were three bands on the bill) and then walking home was of no interest, not even for a good show.

Koo-koo-ka-choo, Mrs. Robinson
I have only seen the first episode, but I absolutely loved the BBC's show The Robinsons. Starring Martin Freeman (of "The Office" and "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" fame), the show is about a lives bizarrely quirky British family. The first episode was jampacked with plot setups, I can only hope that the follow through with each.

And So Goes The Perfect Season
My beloved Florida Gators had there asses handed to them by Alabama on Saturday. I can only hope that this was an anomaly not to be repeated again this season. And this would be one of the many examples of why I don't bet on sports...

Operation: Bare Cupboard
For the last few weeks I have refused to go to the grocery store. I know, Friday I said I was going grocery shopping, but I had forgotten about "Operation: Bare Cupboard." I am bound and determined to eat the food that has been in my cupboard and refrigerator for far too long (assuming it is still in safe, edible condtion of course).

Sure it's easy to cook up the pasta and rice as meals, but "Operation: Bare Cupboard" make for some interesting mealfellows. How am I going to use that tartar sauce I bought when I thought I was going to make fish and chips? Spicy pickled cauliflower? Huh? When did I buy that?

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Website Of The Day - See what Tako the Octopus has cooking on his Flash animation cooking show called "Deep Fried Live" over at 8 Legged.

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