Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Flirting With Disaster

That Would Have Been A Shitty Way To Start The Week
Cruising up 400 this morning there was a State Trooper with a radar gun. Eventhough I was amongst a pack of cars and I wasn't speeding, that much ;), my heart skipped a few beats when I saw him get into his car and turn on his blue lights a second later. I was certain that it was my turn (again) since I was in the shiny red Honda Accord, but luckily some other poor soul got the pleasure of flirting with Johnny Law this morning.

Moving This Blog, Part 436
I tried this weekend to cut ties with Blogger and move this space to my Wordpress setup. For someone who has twenty years of computer experience this process is going embarrassingly slow. This weekend I did go out looking for a new theme/skin for the blog. The latest selection is currently up at www.InsideThePerimeter.net.

I've got a meeting with the minds set up for June 7th, afterwhich I will undertake a no-holds-barred attack on getting the move done. Look forward to the ribbon-cutting around that time.

OTP: Two Out Of Three
That's right I crossed the fence twice over the weekend. On Saturday my buddy Darren and I went to Milstead, GA to take photos of the remnants of an old mill which once sat along the Yellow River. We had hashed past this site a few weeks ago and I was ready to go back with the camera.

Fire Door Hanger

This shot highlights my fascination with old manufactured parts that have information about the part forged onto it. If you look closely at this shot (or click through to get to see a better view) you'll see that this is/was a "fire door hanger" and was patented in 1901 and 1909. Eh, I think it's kinda neat.

I Prefer Fat Tires Over Flat Tires
Yesterday my friends Betsy, Melissa and I decided to do a grueling bike ride in the middle of the day. About two miles into the ride we saw three women on the side of McLendon Ave having difficulties with one of their tires. I, being brought up in an era where chivalry was still taught, asked them if they needed help to which they replied that they needed someone to help free the tire from the rim. We stopped, and secretly in the back of my mind I knew that I would look like a putz if I couldn't complete the task. After much struggling (and sweating, even in the shade) I admitted defeat (note to self: time to return to the gym). The woman's friends took off and started to ride back to their cars.

We remounted our bikes to resume our ride and about two blocks later Betsy's rear tire was punctured by a staple. Oh bother. While fixing her tire (we managed to get hers off the rim) the first woman passed us on her bike alerting us that she had gotten a real "fix it" man to help her out, and that he had ruined his housekey in the process. While I contemplated finding a stick to shove into her spokes, the task of fixing Betsy's tire was still at hand and I couldn't be bothered with filing police reports, etc. Once the tire was repared we decided that it was time to drink beer instead of ride so we headed back to our start. I accused Betsy of sabotaging her tire in order to restore my manly bravado, but thanked her for doing so. While the beer wasn't Fat Tire Ale, it was rather tasty.

CD Pick Of The Week
Readers, I hate to say this but you are on your own. I haven't a fucking clue about any of the CDs being released today.

Asobi Seksu? Boards Of Canada? Jim Dickinson? Matthew Herbert? Peeping Tom?

Perhaps one of you could educate me.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal...
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